Onshore wind secures 21% price cap boost in AR6

The UK government has increased the strike price cap for onshore and remote island wind technologies by 21% ahead of next year’s sixth Contracts for Difference auction.

Administrative strike prices for both have been boosted to £64 per megawatt-hour in Allocation Round 6, up from £53/MWh in this year’s AR5.

The technologies will again compete against solar PV in Pot 1, which itself has received an ASP uplift from £47/MWh to £61/MWh.

They will not go up against offshore wind as in last year’s auction, however, which is moving to its own separate Pot 3 in AR6.

Onshore and remote island wind projects secured 1.7GW of capacity in the previous auction held earlier this year, where 25 projects managed to secure bids in the absence of competition from offshore wind.

Bidders in both onshore wind categories locked in offers at an eventual £52.29/MWh strike price.

Sourced by: reNEWS.biz


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