Eagle-I Drones


  • With over 30 years’ combined experience in the oil and gas industry, eagle-i carries out a range of drone inspections of high or difficult to reach structures both onshore and offshore
  • The use of UAVs is increasingly supporting civil sectors and the construction industry with building surveys, site inspections, geo-mapping as well as with bridge inspections and railway mapping
  • Eagle-i’s sophisticated drone inspection technology supports clients in the utilities industry with power line inspections, structural inspections and detecting leaks in buried pipes using infrared cameras
  • Using our cutting-edge UAVs and the skills and experience of our professional CAA certified drone pilots, we produce aerial photography for a wide range of clients
  • At Eagle-i we offer an affordable and safe alternative to conventional aircraft when it comes to capturing footage from the air 


Using UAV, unmanned aerial vehicles, Eagle-i offer a range of survey and inspection services to the oil and gas, renewable, utilities and construction and civil industries worldwide.


wind_week-57 wind_week-2 wind_week-16 Offshore Wind Meets... Conference at OrbisEnergy. Pic by TMS Media Ltd OrbisEnergy Reception OrbisEnergy 19sqm office Meeting Room Conference Room- Theatre style layout

The Team

Angela Grey

Angela Grey is the newest member of the team at OrbisEnergy and joined as Centre Coordinator in July 2017.  She brings over 20 years experience of sales and customer service.

Angela is new to offshore renewables and is eager to build a sound knowledge of the industry.

Devon Mills

Devon has joined the team at OrbisEnergy as an Administration Coordinator in November 2014 and more recently a Senior Coordinator in January 2016. Having previously worked within various customer service roles she is pleased to be able to apply her skills and knowledge to her position at OrbisEnergy.

She is keen to build a strong understanding within the Offshore Renewable industry, whilst being able to develop a good mind for business and sales.

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