DAL Renewables Resourcing Limited Incorporated by: DERICHEBOURG

Tel: +44 1502 509339 Fax: +44 1502 539064 Website: http://www.dal-uk.eu


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DAL UK Limited and DAL Germany GmbH have recently been added to the DERICHEBOURG Group and this has opened expansion into major opportunities within the Aerospace and Aviation sectors; of course we’re still very much involved with the continued technical support of international on and off-shore work projects operating in the Alternative Energy and aligned sectors.

We will always use our very best endeavours to support and supply other aligned industries who have generic technical support requirements encompassing production, installation, maintenance, repair and overhaul: The continued growth of DAL has largely been due to its pursuit of excellence and ‘can do’ approach to ensuring the success of any project requiring expedient professionally qualified sourcing solutions and compliant support.

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The Team

Angela Grey

Angela Grey joined as the team at OrbisEnergy as Centre Coordinator in July 2017.  She brings over 20 years experience of sales and customer service.

Angela is still fairly new to offshore renewables and is eager to build a sound knowledge of the industry.

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