WSG acquires Great Yarmouth company with plans to invest

An energy services business with a growing reputation for innovation and cost-saving solutions has been acquired by a growing oil & gas company that plans to expand in Great Yarmouth.

Market leaders WSG UK Ltd targeted ATAM Group for its research and development (R&D) record and to build its patented technology, products and software into WSG customer packages as part of the oil & gas industry’s cost-efficiency drive.

The five staff at ATAM’s Harfrey’s industrial estate base have become part of the 110 UK WSG well services group staff and 300-strong workforce worldwide.

It plans to launch new valve repair services not currently offered in Great Yarmouth by setting up a subsidiary of its £4m valve repair facility in West Yorkshire at its new east coast operation

Gareth Turner, WSG UK group managing director, said the joint knowledge of ATAM and WSG made it a “formidable force” in the energy marketplace.

Great Yarmouth had been a target as WSG moved into more offshore work and expanded its customer work packages to turnkey solutions, he said.

“We have recently picked up two offshore contracts in the southern North Sea, one in decommissioning and an upgrade. We have had very little presence offshore or in Great Yarmouth before.

“Great Yarmouth is a hub in itself. Many of our staff are from Great Yarmouth so a local presence, with our new contracts, is almost a necessity – and much is going on in and out of Great Yarmouth.”

ATAM Group was set up two years ago by Mark Loades. its R&D record, potential and products, as well as its location, made it attractive to WSG, Mr Turner said.

Mr Loades will remain as WSG’s General Manager GY and cleanliness, preservation and inspection specialist for its worldwide projects, which currently include Russia, Middle East, Europe, UK, with aspirations in the US and Australia and other areas.

Mr Turner said WSG had worked with Mr Loades on projects and identified how his innovations would fit its business plans.

“WSG is a relatively new organisation started about 10 years ago. We have realised that if we want to push and compete we have to have innovation and technologies to enhance our business. Our business is very much service-focused. For today’s industry, you have to be doing R&D and be bringing on new products.

“The relationship with ATAM helps us to develop some of our ideas. What ATAM does complements what we do to satisfy customers’ need for a package.”

ATAM’s Build It Clean procedure and patented tool, that uses air to clean and remove debris from process piping systems and pipelines during construction rather than water after completion, saving time and money and speeding up commissioning was an important addition to the WSG offer, Mr Turner said.

“We have carried out £3-4m projects and Build It Clean would have completely changed how these projects worked in terms of time and efficiency and giving a better package for the customer with a better end result – and we know there are more of these products.”

Bringing the company’s valve expertise to Great Yarmouth was in the pipeline, he said.

“This is a small facility at the moment. We have a very big valve repair workshop and we have always said there is opportunity in Great Yarmouth to expand the valve repair business, whether that is here or we look for somewhere bigger.

‘We spent £4million on our valve workshop facility in West Yorkshire and to have that level of expertise in Great Yarmouth would only need a small subsidiary.”

“It is the start of the relationship and we have got three or four things that we want to progress.”

Mr Loades will continue to develop his products, inspired by a career working offshore and around the globe spotting where time and cost savings could be made.

“I’ve always thought ‘why are we doing this? There must be an easier way to do it.’ There is a lot of developing and new products to get to market and I will continue to support and continue to develop new products.” Mr Loades said.

ATAM Group’s acquisition comes after two acquisitions by WSG last year.


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WSG UK Group Managing Director Gareth Turner, left, welcomes Mark Loades, founder of the ATAM Group, to WSG after acquiring the Great Yarmouth business for its innovation, patented products and research and development capacity. 


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WSG UK Group Managing Director Gareth Turner, left, with the ATAM Group team, which is now part of WSG. From left to right: Louis Turrell, Trainee Research and Development Technician, Mr Turner, Mark Loades, ATAM Group founder and now WSG General Manager GY and Andrew Wood, Business Development Manager.

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