Recruitment plans revealed at launch of international company’s UK base on east coast


Morten Basse, Managing Director of Creadis UK – Pic by TMS Media

An international engineering company has announced plans to recruit up to 40 employees in the next two years as it opened its first UK base on the East of England coast.

Offshore wind specialist Creadis UK has invested in its inaugural UK office at the centre of the UK offshore wind industry in OrbisEnergy, Lowestoft, with the support of Nautilus Associates, also based in the four-storey seafront renewables hub.

At its launch on February 1, the company with 15 offices worldwide announced its collaboration with a leading energy services provider Great Yarmouth-based 3sun Group as its “execution partner.”

Creadis UK Managing Director Morten Basse said the Danish company’s business strategy was to employ up to 12 local employees by the end of this year, rising to up to 40 by 2020, expanding staff as projects are secured.

UK Ambassador to Denmark Dominic Schroeder officially opened Creadis UK from the Copenhagen headquarters of its parent company, Denmark’s leading engineering and research and development company DIS, named as Europe’s Greatest Place to Work among Engineers.

The OrbisEnergy office joins five offices in Denmark, three in Germany, three in the US and offices in Poland and Spain.

Mr Basse said OrbisEnergy was the obvious choice to launch the company that has provided consultancy and engineering services for 21 years, with wind as its biggest sector. Its engineers had worked with every type of turbine and turbine manufactured in the last 20 years.

“Lowestoft is an important offshore hub. The wind farms are here and OrbisEnergy has been clever enough to have at least 10 of the tenants as our potential customers. It is like a gift to move in here with customers next door.”

Creadis UK’s core competence is turbines with extensive expertise in turbine design and operation.

“This is why we are here. Other asset management and O&M companies don’t come from turbine development side, they come into wind from the other industries like oil & gas.“The UK has the biggest O&M market and the East of England is where the most capacity has been installed so far and will continue to be as far as we can see.

“It is a big market and it is a mature market that has been growing very fast in the UK. The UK wind supply chain is very competent. It has grown and is particularly good at fabrication and execution.”

Creadis UK will focus on servicing engineering, operations and maintenance (O&M) and asset management with specialist areas of technology trouble shooting, retro-fit and life time extension and decommissioning.

“A wind farm owner might have some technical problems and issues on turbines, suffering the cost of down time and going out to look at the turbines, finding out what is wrong and re-starting the turbines,” Mr Basse said.

“We analyse the technical problem and do root cause analysis, the re-engineering and come up with the retrofit. It can be any turbine because we have worked with customers to design every type of turbine. From day one for 20 years, we have been working for turbine manufacturers, helping them and doing turbine design and optimising their operation. That is our platform.”

Johnathan Reynolds, director of Nautilus Associates, said they have been working in partnership with Creadis UK for some months in preparation for the launch of their new UK business.

“Creadis UK brings an exciting new dimension to OrbisEnergy’s tenant profile, especially with its reputation for great innovation. It is such a respected company worldwide and to choose OrbisEnergy in Lowestoft for its first UK base is a huge coup.

“Nautilus has supported Creadis UK to set up and become established in the UK, introducing Morten to the offshore wind developers and operators and leading supply chain companies in OrbisEnergy and in the wider region and will continue to work with their growing UK team as the business expands.”

The company’s collaboration with 3sun Group began in Denmark, where 3sun has an office, Mr Basse said.

“We are an engineering and design company; we are not executioners for any project with a customer. On projects where we need execution, we will team up with 3sun Group as our execution partner.”


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The Team

Angela Grey

Angela Grey is the newest member of the team at OrbisEnergy and joined as Centre Coordinator in July 2017.  She brings over 20 years experience of sales and customer service.

Angela is new to offshore renewables and is eager to build a sound knowledge of the industry.

Devon Mills

Devon has joined the team at OrbisEnergy as an Administration Coordinator in November 2014 and more recently a Senior Coordinator in January 2016. Having previously worked within various customer service roles she is pleased to be able to apply her skills and knowledge to her position at OrbisEnergy.

She is keen to build a strong understanding within the Offshore Renewable industry, whilst being able to develop a good mind for business and sales.

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