Photographer shoots 360-degree virtual survey for London Array

OrbisEnergy tenant Alan O’Neill, one of the world’s most experienced offshore photographers, has completed a 360-degree virtual survey for the London Array – the world’s largest offshore wind farm. 

Over four days, Alan, from photography and video specialist CHPV, captured more than 17,000 images covering every aspect of a wind turbine and offshore sub-station.

In order to access the inside of a monopile below water level, he was assisted by a confined space and rescue team from James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS).  Alan is one of very few photographers qualified to work in such spaces.

“It took seven people and 30 bags of gear to get just me and my camera in position,” he said. “JFMS’s people had to vent the space and install special access and rescue equipment so I could safely climb down about 20 metres.”

Also present was a technician from London Array, with a dedicated crew transfer vessel standing by.

Martin Myhill Sisley, managing director of JFMS renewables services, said: “Being able to work with London Array and support CHPV and Alan in the creation of an exceptionally beneficial virtual tool was a great opportunity. Utilising our skills, knowledge and experience, we were able to control and provide a safe environment for CHPV to work in and access all areas, ensuring optimum conditions.”

Working its way progressively to the very top of the nacelle, CHPV took individual photographs of specific points of interest and 360-degree panoramas. The whole exercise was repeated for the offshore sub-station, with its labyrinth of compartments and passages.

With 17,000 photographs in the can, CHPV then had the task of processing 128GB of data to stitch all the panoramas together. The end product is a very high-resolution record providing the most detailed documentation available of the assets.

Magnus Blomquist, of London Array, said: “The London Array team has been delighted by how useful this tool has been from the outset. London Array started using it immediately upon delivery for O&M, engineering and inductions, and there will be much improved safety benefit to working offshore at London Array, making people familiar with the assets before even stepping foot onto a vessel.”


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A high-resolution image can be downloaded by clicking on the caption.

Photographer and film maker Alan O’Neill, with camera, with some of the team that supported him – Simon Snoding of London Array (back left) and Dean Stephenson (back right) and Paul Bird, both of James Fisher Marine Services.

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This release has been issued by TMS Media on behalf of CHPV. For more information, contact Richard Balls at TMS Media on 01493 662929 or Alan O’Neill on 07867 528111 or


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The Team

Angela Grey

Angela Grey is the newest member of the team at OrbisEnergy and joined as Centre Coordinator in July 2017.  She brings over 20 years experience of sales and customer service.

Angela is new to offshore renewables and is eager to build a sound knowledge of the industry.

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Devon has joined the team at OrbisEnergy as an Administration Coordinator in November 2014 and more recently a Senior Coordinator in January 2016. Having previously worked within various customer service roles she is pleased to be able to apply her skills and knowledge to her position at OrbisEnergy.

She is keen to build a strong understanding within the Offshore Renewable industry, whilst being able to develop a good mind for business and sales.

Johnathan Reynolds

Johnathan is responsible for all aspects of business and supply chain development for the flagship innovation and incubation centre for offshore renewables in the east of England, OrbisEnergy.

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