Nautilus Associates help innovative companies in the region save money with Tax Credits scheme

R&D Tax Credits are an HMRC UK tax incentives scheme designed to encourage companies to invest in innovation, allowing them to offset the cost of investment in Research and Development using tax credits. The scheme reduces the tax burden on companies striving to innovate, or can at least increase their taxable losses.

The regional energy and low-carbon economy is full of start-ups bringing innovative products to the market, who may not know they are eligible for this support from HMRC.

Applying for the scheme can be difficult for businesses to navigate, especially smaller, leaner operations without dedicated financial services support. Nautilus Associates, the energy and consultancy group have partnered with a leading local accountancy firm to offer a joined-up service for businesses like these.

Nautilus Associates understand the needs of local energy sector firms and the challenges they face competing on a global stage. By combining their business insight  with the expert tax knowledge, the two companies are able to offer a streamlined service to customers that helps them make use of this valuable scheme.

It is hoped the service will help more companies reduce their tax burden, enticing them to take more chances with R&D. The innovation in energy and low-carbon in the eastern region has helped it carve out a global reputation for excellence in the sector.

Kim Duffy, Finance Director at Nautilus Associates is excited for the prospects it brings to their customers:

We are thrilled to announce this exciting new offer. Together we offer an even stronger service to our new and existing clients. By using our experience in innovation, we can work to prepare the supporting documentation for HMRC in a format that minimises the likelihood of challenge.

For more information on the service from Nautilus Associates, the scheme from HMRC or insight into the innovation landscape in the local energy sector contact Kim Duffy: 0333 370 4429


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