Exploring Synergies and Opportunities with Offshore Wind Meets

Offshore Wind Meets is a breakfast series that will explore the synergies and opportunities for shared learning and innovation across the Offshore Wind Industry. Broken down into five events each running from 8am to 11am each individual event will have its own theme. Starting on March 28th with Oil and Gas, followed by Wave and Tidal in April, Space in May, Digital in June and Defence in July.

‘Each of these sectors has been identified for the opportunities that a collaborative and innovative approach will offer many of those within its supply chain. Sharing innovation doesn’t only offer huge cost savings to the industry titans but also develops opportunities for those operational within the supply chains to diversify and expand their services across multiple markets and industries.’ Johnathan Reynolds, Business Development for OrbisEnergy

The series, being produced by OrbisEnergy is yet another example of the proactive role the Offshore renewables hub plays in offering both its tenants and the wider industry a multitude of opportunities for collaboration, learning and innovation. On this occasion OrbisEnergy has partnered with sponsors Innovate UK and SCORE to produce the series.

Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency, working with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy. There will be a representative from Innovate UK present at each of the sessions in the series who can discuss the various ways in which they can support developments across the sectors.

SCORE will also be at each of the sessions offering grant fund advice to small and medium sized companies that are developing new technologies.

As part of the intelligence gathering behind the series, the OrbisEnergy team will be carrying out some research across the region to understand where the opportunities for cross industry collaboration lie and how we can best support and promote this practice. If you want to play a part in this research, please get in touch with Johnathan Reynolds directly.

For the series dates and to secure your place please visit the events section www.orbisenergy.co.uk


wind_week-116 wind_week-84 wind_week-129 wind_week-182 OrbisEnergy Reception OrbisEnergy Reception Orbis Energy Centre Conference Room

The Team

Angela Grey

Angela Grey is the newest member of the team at OrbisEnergy and joined as Centre Coordinator in July 2017.  She brings over 20 years experience of sales and customer service.

Angela is new to offshore renewables and is eager to build a sound knowledge of the industry.

Devon Mills

Devon has joined the team at OrbisEnergy as an Administration Coordinator in November 2014 and more recently a Senior Coordinator in January 2016. Having previously worked within various customer service roles she is pleased to be able to apply her skills and knowledge to her position at OrbisEnergy.

She is keen to build a strong understanding within the Offshore Renewable industry, whilst being able to develop a good mind for business and sales.

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