CREADIS UK to share best practise and industry expertise at Wind Power Monthly’s Asset Life Optimisation Forum 27th and 28th February

As wind energy becomes a mature industry and is seen as a secure asset class, institutional investors are increasingly looking to reap the financial rewards of investing in the multi-million-pound windfarm projects coming on-stream in the next decade.

Maximising return on investment is contingent on eliminating as much risk as possible, and in the case of wind energy ensuring the asset’s operational lifecycle is as efficient as possible with limited downtime for maintenance.

The Wind Power Monthly’s Asset Life Optimisation Forum brings investors together with leading experts and players from the wind energy sector to understand the risks, challenges and benefits a working partnership can bring.

CREADIS will be fielding Niels Christian Lind-Frandsen, Senior Engineer for Asset Management. He brings a unique perspective on maintenance strategies, their planning and execution and Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM).

Backed up by the knowledge-base at CREADIS, he will be explaining how operators can reduce Operational Expenditure (OPEX) by standardising the reference structure and terminology in the Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA).

By homogenising terms and sharing learnings, he will detail how a common failure database across operators will have a positive impact on OPEX. By understanding typical issues, common points of failure and best practise in their resolution, asset maintenance can be made much more efficient resulting in a decrease in OPEX and an increase in Return on Investment.

CREADIS are an established name in Offshore Wind O&M across Europe, working with investors and Financiers as well as operators, utilities and developers as well as OEMs such as Siemens.

CREADIS have brought these strands of the wind energy sector to form their Project Hotel, where all of their competencies, knowledge and technical skills are brought under one banner, allowing customers’ projects to benefit from this experience.

Niels Christian Lind Frandsen will be speaking at the Asset Life Optimisation Forum 2018 at etc. Venues, Victoria, London on the 27th and 28th February. You can see his talk at 13:45. To book your ticket, visit Wind Power Monthly at


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The Team

Angela Grey

Angela Grey is the newest member of the team at OrbisEnergy and joined as Centre Coordinator in July 2017.  She brings over 20 years experience of sales and customer service.

Angela is new to offshore renewables and is eager to build a sound knowledge of the industry.

Devon Mills

Devon has joined the team at OrbisEnergy as an Administration Coordinator in November 2014 and more recently a Senior Coordinator in January 2016. Having previously worked within various customer service roles she is pleased to be able to apply her skills and knowledge to her position at OrbisEnergy.

She is keen to build a strong understanding within the Offshore Renewable industry, whilst being able to develop a good mind for business and sales.

Johnathan Reynolds

Johnathan is responsible for all aspects of business and supply chain development for the flagship innovation and incubation centre for offshore renewables in the east of England, OrbisEnergy.

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